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Sports have their own unique requirements, skills and stresses and every injury presentation resulting from sport is different. Our physiotherapists that help athletes or those that participate in sports, at all levels, understand this. Sports encompass many activities from running, team sports, acrobatics, swimming, cycling to name a few.

Our physiotherapists at Extend Physiotherapy in the sporting environment are highly trained in the assessment and treatment of soft tissue injuries and other joint and bone related pathology that can result due to injury. They have a comprehensive knowledge of biomechanics, tissue pathology, healing and an in-depth knowledge of exercise therapy. Our physiotherapists are passionate to continue to progress their knowledge and understand best management of sports injuries.

With your goals in mind our physiotherapists offer exercised focused rehabilitation with the aim of getting you back to your sport with the strength, fitness and skills required to prevent re-injury. At Extend Physiotherapy we aim to guide you on your journey, giving you the knowledge to aid your recovery and to better understand what can help you from avoiding injuries in the process.

Extend Physiotherapy will help assess training loads and develop strength and condition programs while injured to help you maintain your overall fitness. This is done with the goal of restoring you to pre-injury levels of ability whilst assisting you to develop a greater level of conditioning to prevent future injury.

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