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Pre employment medicals

Some employers require new workers to undergo pre employment screening prior to commencing work with their company. This will generally involve a medical screening with a general practitioner and a physical screening with a physiotherapist to determine strength and fitness levels and any restrictions.

Your physiotherapist will take you through a pre determined assessment (or Extend HealthCo can design a template for you) and report the findings back to your employer.

What should I expect at my Pre- Employment Medical?

This is dependent on your future employers regulations and policy but will usually involve a range of motion assessment to ensure all your joints move through a normal range, a strength assessment which involves assessments like grip strength, push ups, safe lifting of specific weights and a push/ pull test. You will also be required to complete some sort of cardio requirement for heart rate and fitness monitoring, usually in the form of step ups.

What should I wear to my Pre- Employment Medical?

Please wear clothes that you can move comfortably in, eg shorts and a T-shirt and closed in shoes, preferably runners or training shoes. You may like to bring a water bottle and a towel. You should refrain from smoking, drinking alcohol and having a large meal immediately before your assessment at Extend HealthCo.

Worksite Assessments

Our physiotherapists at Extend HealthCo can visit your worksite and  assist you in identifying hazardous manual handling risk factors and recommend strategies to reduce these risks through a number of solutions such as worksite layout, procedural changes, education and training.

Extend HealthCo take a proactive approach to injury prevention which means mitigating health and safety risks before they become injuries. Our workplace programs include the following:

  • Minimising health and safety risks
  • Identify hazards
  • Assessing & controlling risk
  • Ergonomic assessments of desks and work stations

Extend HealthCo Welcomes New Clients

You will receive a friendly welcome, open conversation, thorough assessment and appropriate treatment
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